Bear Computer Repair

 No repair services available for the month of March 2018 


Bethaney Wallace: I have turned to Rick several times and he always provides quick, accurate results whether that be looking at a phone screen, or fixing a computer program. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and has been a life saver when it comes to my electronics. Thank you Rick! 

Ty McCulloughHonest, holds the line on expense, knows what they are doing, friendly and informs you in a language that you can understand. He has worked on laptops, desktops, and tablets for me. Great work.

Lesa Patterson: Rick is so skilled and yet keeps the price way down. I was referred to Rick by my cousin (who knows computers inside and out) and she said Rick was the only one she trusted and always gave her excellent customer service! She was so right! And I've been going to him for over 10 years!

Michele Johnson: Rick has the experience and the top customer service that out-shines any other computer / cellphone repair services in the greater Manhattan area. Rick seems to always have a solution to our needs.

Katrina L. Alexander:  I've been working with Rick since 2002 on with my very first desktop. I take my computers in yearly for an update and he always take great care of my computers.  Recently, with his advanced diagnostic tools, he detected that my hard was failing. He replaced and transferred data before tragedy struck. Great job Rick

Steven Martinez:  Great service! Rick went above and beyond to get the problem solved with my computer. Fast, Professional service. I highly recommend Bear Computers for your computer problems.

Cynthia Hill:  I started coming to Rick following a very good friend's recommendation of his great and timely service. In the fall he repaired my laptop and then my pc needed a new motherboard. I elected instead to buy a new computer through Bear computer and I have been very satisfied with the Nobilis including getting it up and running much sooner than I expected. I will continue to ask Rick for help in the future.

Ashley Cole:  Turned to Rick needing help with my computer because an installation had completely crashed it. Since I didn't care if I had to erase it or not he helped me restore it. Then he helped me with my original problem with displaying my laptop screen onto two monitors. He researched and ordered the adapter I needed, called me when it was ready, and installed it and made sure he got everything working. Now not only do I have it displaying on two monitors but I'm able to use my laptop as a third screen! Definitely will go back to him with any other computer issues in the future.

Stefanie Kreiman:  Great service! I took my laptop in because it was acting wonky and being a pain in the butt. He found out what was going on and was able to repair it in a timely manner and the cost was low and better than I expected. He was local so I didn't have to send my laptop away, which meant that it didn't take weeks to get it back. Would I come back? Yes, yes I would. Would I recommend someone to him? Yes, yes I would. Thank you.